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Long Road to Brewin’ 2 – What a week !

Published in Gigs & Events, Station Updates, on Friday, April 6th, 2018

The Long Road to Brewin’ 2 was an amazing week that saw the Primordial Radio guys head off around the UK with the intention of meeting – and having a beer with – as many of the #PRFam as possible.



What actually happened involved more naps than they expected…

Day 1 – The LRTB2 Hits Edinburgh – Destination The Southern

Day 2 – The Long Road to Brewin’2 reaches Peterborough….Destination The Stone Works

Day 3 – Primordial Radio LRTB2 hits London…Meeting up at The Craft Beer Company, Brixton

Day4 – LRTB2 makes it to Bristol and the The Gryphon

Day 5 – Wolverhampton gets in on the Long Road to Brewin’2 Tour ! Meeting up at The Gifford Arms

Day 6- End of the Long Road to Brewin’ 2 tour in The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

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