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Mascot Label Group is Primordial Radio’s Featured Label of the Month !

Published / Wed 7 Nov 2018

November heralds Primordial Radio’s first Featured Label – Welcome to the Mascot Label Group




Mascot Label Group is offering a 20% discount to Primordial Radio listeners over at their online store, offering a wide range of stuff from t-shirts to vinyl, books to picture discs !

This great offer means you have no excuse not to treat yourself, or perhaps someone else…Christmas is coming !

To get your 20% discount, listen to Primordial Radio and the special Mascot discount code will be read out during the day !

Alternatively head to your account page

Yet another good reason for taking up our 30 day FREE trial of Primordial Radio…..

  • 20% off in the Mascot Label Group shop
  • 10% off Primordial Radio Merch
  • Live shows throughout the week – tune in Monday to Sunday with Moose, Pete, Dewsbury, Shorty and the Blowfish !
  • Exclusive podcasts
  • Active Rock and Metal Community, otherwise known as the #PRFAM – with events, get together’s and general banter !

Compulsory Small Print

  • Code is not valid in combination with other discounts or on the Mascot Label Group US webstore
  • Pre-orders, new releases and bundles are excluded from the discount code.
  • 20% Discount Code is only valid from 31st October to 3rd December 2018

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