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Our Mental Health Pledge

We always say just because we make light of things does not mean we take things lightly…

… more than half of adults (60%) and over two thirds of young people (68%) said their mental health got worse during lockdown.”
Mind research of 16,000 people 2020

Mental health is important. Fact.
It has been a pillar of Primordial Radio since the beginning and whilst we are not mental health experts, as with everything we do, we know there are people in the Fam who can guide us and provide the right information to support our community.

Back in October 2020 we announced our pledge for mental health.

It goes a little something like this:

  • The Primordial Radio team always looks out for ourselves and each other through an open culture of mutual support and respect
  • We know mental health problems can affect anyone so we will talk openly, courageously and empathetically about mental health and wellbeing at every appropriate opportunity
  • We encourage the Fam to also be open and brave about mental health within our community, to challenge stigma and to engender a supportive and empowered community where we will listen, encourage conversations about mental health and always have each other’s backs
  • We challenge damaging stereotypes including those focused on notions of masculinity and the need to ‘man up’, highlighting the importance of talking about mental health because there really is no shame in seeking help if you are not feeling great
  • We encourage and highlight mental health stories from the community in a considered, respectful and dignified manner, with necessary consent
  • We use appropriate and positive language when talking about mental health
  • We highlight the PRFam Mental Health Facebook Grouprun by the community
  • We signpost appropriate mental health resources and services to ensure the Fam have access to the support they need
  • We signpost appropriate mental health courses for those who wish to know more about this subject and encourage the community to have open conversations with friends, family and colleagues about how we can all work together to improve understanding and challenge stigma around mental health
  • We take guidance and regularly review our approach to this area to ensure all information is kept current and that we ourselves have an insight and understanding of this vast subject

Find out more about mental health with our Mental Health FAQs here