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Mental Wellbeing Special

Published / Mon 6 Apr 2020

Metal Health Episode 3

At time of publishing we are collectively going through an incredibly stressful and worrisome time. For this reason this podcast is available to anyone, Primordial Radio member or not.
While all planned interviews are being re-arranged, in this episode of the Metal Health Podcast¬† Shorty talks through some basic coping strategies from ‘The 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing’ approach with some added worry management and mindfulness practice for good measure.

With thanks to Peter Morgan of for the mindfulness session.

Further self-help resources:

What is Metal Health all about ?
We’ve all got it. Good, bad, somewhere in between… just like our physical health there’s no getting away from our mental health.

At Primordial Radio we believe in action, not just words. We think it’s important to open the conversation about mental health but we’re also always asking ourselves “what can we do to help?”

This podcast aims to open that conversation further by featuring thought provoking conversations with bands/artists, professionals from the world of mental health and you, the PRFam.

We’ll also look into some basic but hopefully helpful hints and tips for mental health wellbeing along the way.

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