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Metal Health – EP01

Published / Tue 21 Jan 2020

Brand new occasional podcast launches – Metal health

We’ve all got it.

Good, bad and somewhere in between,

Just like our physical health there’s no getting away from our mental health.

At Primordial Radio we believe in action, not just words. We know it’s important to open the conversation about mental health. We’re always asking ourselves “what can WE do to help YOU?”

This podcast aims to open that conversation further. How ?  By featuring thought provoking conversations with bands,artists and professionals from the world of mental health and you.

In the highly anticipated first episode, Shorty talks with Dani Winter-Bates from Bury Tomorrow.
They talk all things mental health including Dani’s work for the NHS, being a positive change agent and why he set up ‘Safe Space’ sessions around the band’s latest UK tour.

We’ll also look into some basic but helpful hints and tips for mental health wellbeing along the way.

Members of Primordial Radio can here the full Metal Health podcast here

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