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Primordial Radio is very excited to be offering an exclusive 10% discount to see North Atlas this September on their UK tour.

September 2023

23 – Classic Grand – Glasgow
28 – Manchester – Satan’s Hollow
29 – London – The Black Heart

North Atlas is a Scottish Celtic rock band on the cusp of breaking through in the alternative music world. The quartet was formed in 2018 and is comprised of brothers Leon and Cam Hunter, Arran Tarvet and Michael Hall. The band’s unique and captivating sound represents a perfect combination of traditional Celtic music with a modern approach.

In January 2019, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, North Atlas played a Primordial Presents show at Bannermans in Edinburgh, we had the honour of seeing them in their infancy, and it was evident then that there was something exceptional about not only the band’s sound but also their approach to music-making and fan engagement as individuals.

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Speaking to Primordial Radio in 2021, frontman Leon Hunter stated:

We made a lot of songs in lockdown, recording over Zoom, I built a vocal booth in my bedroom with duvets and all that shit. It was very weird, I called it a bat cave. I would just record in my little bat cave and get up in the middle of the night and record these songs.

But it was weird. It was a different thing because when you’re in the studio, as a band, you bounce off each other, I’ll sing something and the guys will say that’s sick or whatever. Not having that initial feedback from the band, is different, but I think it made us push a little bit crazier and a bit more raw because we were forced to record without the comfort of a studio.

That being said, the flipside is you can recede into yourself, can’t you?

It can get like that. You’ve got to make the push to really connect with people, phone one of your friends or connect via Zoom. Imagine if this happened in the eighties, people wouldn’t be doing what we are doing now or talking to a friend.

That has been a great help and we certainly couldn’t have recorded this properly without Zoom and all of the technology that comes with that, so there is an upside to that technology.

Tapping Into Your Primal Roots

The band’s energetic music performances showcase their fervour and remarkable craftsmanship in songwriting. Their debut album titled “A Weight for the Heavy Handed” has won critical acclaim for its distinctive melodies while remaining true to their roots.

In an era where bands like Sleep Token are challenging traditional genre boundaries, paving a clear pathway for newcomers like North Atlas, the band is poised to soar to new heights. Drawing inspiration from the pagan folklore of their homeland, the band’s music and visual imagery create an immersive experience that resonates with the audience’s primal instincts. With Wickerman-esque stage decorations, could North Atlas be the catalyst for a thrilling new chapter in alternative music?

As live music made its return post-lockdown, North Atlas has gained significant traction, supporting acts such as Enter Shikari, Skindred, and Bloodywood. Their recent singles, including “Midnight Sun,” “House of Mirrors,” and “Seer,” have captured the hearts of music fans who can’t get enough of the band’s modern approach to a Celtic rock sound.

Speaking about their Celtic influences and latest single Seer, vocalist Leon Hunter states:

Growing up in the Scottish countryside, I felt a deep connection to the spiritual elements of nature. As a tribute to my Celtic roots, I had the Celtic God Cernunnos tattooed on my arm, we also featured Cernunnos in our music video for Hypnotist. I channeled all my anxiety into a hypnotist character, effectively expressing my struggles in a fitting manner.

Behind the mask, however, lies my secret – anxiety. Cernunnos is a symbol of my vibrant and energetic side, but also of my darkest fears and insecurities.

Our new single Seer parodies talking to a therapist, or more like a Shaman/Fortune Teller. One who believes a person torments themselves with painful feelings to become numb. The idea is that if you say enough painful things about yourself, to yourself, you begin to believe you are defined by your misery.

What Lies Ahead for North Atlas?

The band has achieved remarkable progress in recent years, thanks to their hard work, they continue to push boundaries and rise through the ranks despite the music industry’s increasingly data-driven nature. Their influences, including Biffy Clyro and Nine Inch Nails, have helped them gain popularity on TikTok building a dedicated fanbase that has grown to 25K followers and a 500% increase in streaming activity over the past few months.

For music enthusiasts, there’s never been a better time to track the progress of this very gifted band. Those who seize the opportunity to discover North Atlas early on will have the chance to witness their exceptional live performances in a more intimate setting before they hit major stages. Don’t let this chance to be a part of their story slip away.

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