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One Word Wednesday Bingo Time again !

Published in #prfam, Station Updates, on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The Hive Mind achievement badge is up for grabs for the winner!

The chance to pick the twelve words and songs for next week will now be randomly drawn from the list of entries. That’s right folks you don’t have to win to pick the songs.

Last weeks winner was the mighty MentalJargen, he picked up her 8th badge! 8th!

Baldygeoff [@geoff2295] was drawn at random to pick this weeks words & songs. So let’s step into his mind! (it should be like a warm apple pie now as this is his 3rd time picking the words)

The words must relate to the song title. Here is an overview of the words:
1- cuhullin
2- jezebel
3- storey
4- kringen
5- crater
6- unclothed
7- didicoi
8- nagant
9- starfish
10- roUses
11- marvolo
12- undermine

Click here to fill in your Google Docs Entry Form and enter #OWWB!

Good luck!

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