Over to you – it’s #freespinfriday !

Published in Station Updates, on Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Free Spin Friday (#freespinfriday)

Anything goes on a Friday so get your song requests from 7am until 7 pm

Now since Dews has angered the Facebook gods, drop him and email or text your #freespin requests as he can’t access Faceache ! (update – he can as of Thursday late afternoon!)

  • Text your Free Spin requests to 07520 633596 (*)
  • Leave a request by calling 0203 051 4658 and choosing Option 1 and pick your presenter !
  • Tweet PrimordialRadio with your request using the #freespinfriday
  • Visit the Primordial Radio Facebook page and leave your request in the comments on the #freespinfriday post
  • Email your requests in via
    • dewsbury@primordialradio.com – on air 7-11am
    • shorty@primordialradio.com – on air 11-3
    • pete@primordialradio.com – on air 3- 7pm
  • Letters, Postcards and Carrier Pigeons accepted as well !
  • Smoke Signals and Semaphore – subject to weather conditions.

What other radio station gives you the option of choosing the music YOU want, every Friday, for 12 hours ?!

(*) Your normal mobile text/SMS charges/call charges will apply and please note this is an SMS only service !


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