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Primordial Equality Advisory Group

Published / Mon 27 Jul 2020

Primordial Equality Advisory Group Expression of Interest

We are creating the Primordial Equality Advisory Group to guide us in making Primordial Radio even more of a welcoming and inclusive place.

Occasionally people get things wrong, us included. No matter how good we currently are, we’d like to be better

Help us stick to Rule #1


Why are we doing this?

  • To create an independent advisory body that helps Primordial Radio develop and maintain an equal, inclusive, and diverse culture.

What are we looking for?

  • Interest in making Primordial an inclusive and welcoming space for all
  • Lived Experience that can provide a different perspective – if you identify as a woman, disabled, BAME or LGBT+ we want to hear from you?
  • Expertise or experience in the field of equality, diversity and inclusion – this could be in relation to HR, comms, research or anything!

What will you need to do?

  • This is a work in progress so this could be subject to change, but it’s envisioned that membership of the advisory group would require 2-3 hours per month of your time.
  • The aim of the group is to provide independent, advice and guidance so the station can evolve in a way that is welcoming and inclusive to all, and to ensure this commitment to inclusion is reflected in all the station does
    There may be a slightly greater time commitment at the outset as processes and structures are being created and as we settle in and find the best ways of working
  • All involvement will be facilitated virtually so there would be no expectation to travel


  • The Primordial community is inclusive, representative and welcoming to all
  • Primordial Radio makes a positive contribution to a more equal, fair and inclusive society
  • Inclusive decision-making that puts commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion into practice
  • Checks and balances ensure external content presented by the station is in line with commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion


  • Set up an independent group, that is representative of diverse experiences, to provide advice and guidance to Primordial’s Directors
  • Create process for referring issues/ concerns raised with the Directors about content that may fall short of equality and inclusion commitments to the Advisory Group
  • Create guidance for representatives of Primordial to inform decisions about content published under the Primordial banner to ensure it is inclusive and aligns with equality and inclusion commitment
  • Create a checklist to support inclusive decision-making (and supporting process for engaging the Advisory Group as part of planning and decision-making)
  • Create a system for regular audits of content and reflections on past decisions to ensure consistent alignment with equality and inclusion commitments

Natasha Davies has raised her hand and is leading the formation(if you missed her on the recent podcast – never fear you can check it out here

If you are willing and able to help please email [email protected] to express your interest.


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