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Okay team instafam! The next post is going out on FRIDAY 12th October at 7pm (which is the end of Dewsbury’s show). Cheers to Blunty for letting us know that EG1s have been positively impacted (yey).

This week you have choice (unless you are insta-clever and can post two pics in one post – I know some of you are). This Wednesday was world squid day and world mental health day (both close to our hearts) so please post about either or both of these.

Sample Squid Pic

Primordial Radio 1st Birthday Squid

Sample post (you’ll need to change the bit to YOUR EG1 link

This Wednesday it was world celphalopod awareness day and world mental health day.

At Primordial Radio we’re big on being silly and posting silly pictures of squids, but we’re also serious about supporting mental health. We are a Rock and Metal radio station with an amazing supportive community, and have run events in support of C.A.L.M. (the campaign against living miserably). If you are struggling they are a great source of help at

Oh, and we’re big on conservation, we have our own heavy metal marine biologist (no really) – ‘the Blowfish’ presenting ‘Slack Sabbath’ every Sunday.

If you want to get involved and join our friendly community you can listen to @primordialradio absolutely free for 3 months with the link in the bio, or with
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Thank you so much for your efforts team; you are a bunch of utter legends!!

Andrew G