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Primordial Merch – Christmas Last Orders

Published / Tue 11 Dec 2018


Photo: primordial-radio-merch-last-orders-for-xmas

Last orders at the bar please ladies and gentlemen – oh, hang on, wrong last orders !



If I have got this right from Moose’s on air announcement, here are the cut off dates from ordering from Primordial Radio if you want goodies in time for Christmas

  • Last Order Date for 1st Class posting is 1:00pm Thursday 20th December
  • Last Order Date for 2nd Class posting is 1:00pm Tuesday 18th December
  • Last Orders for personalised items, i.e mugs is over as of today 13th December 2018 – sorry !

Primordial Gift Cards and Membership are electronic so no cut off date !

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