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Primordial Radio 101 – One For The Lefties

Published / Tue 13 Jun 2017

There exists in our brains a rigid dichotomy between the left and the right where both parties act in our best interest but rarely agree resulting in ceaseless conflict.   You know the conversation where the righties are lobbying in your brain saying “Fuck yeah, one more tequila is a great idea…” and the lefties are shaking their heads saying “You should go home now so you’ll be fresh for tomorrow’s big work presentation.”    Emotion versus logic, it’s nothing new – righties love the idea and lefties love the result.    The challenge is to equally excite the heart and mind so they act in unison and we at Primordial Radio have failed to do this by deeply discriminating lefties.

Being a righty myself I failed to comprehend the level of discrimination until our webmaster Mark Bentley piped-up and pointed out all of our pleas to support our bid were emotional.   After I stifled the urge to mention you rarely see slide-rules and protractors in the impulse buy aisle I saw he was right.   We have failed to provide practical details like “What do I get in return for my investment?” or “What exactly is Primordial Radio?”   Hugely important questions for those who are detached from our journey and looking for facts before they hand over their hard earned cash.  So, lefties, I apologise and hope the following answers your questions.  I also apologise to Mark because if he’s still reading this he’ll be yelling “Stop the waffle and get to the details!”   Mmmm, waffles….oops, i digress.   Here you go.


What is Primordial Radio?

Primordial Radio is a radio station dedicated to serving the UK rock and metal community delivered through the internet and our app playing all genres of rock and metal.

At the start we will be a radio station as you know it – One with personality, presenters, opinions and music where you have no control and get what we plan and deliver.

The next step is to develop and introduce ‘My Primordial’ – where you tailor your experience by skipping tracks and liking or disliking songs and artists.

Think of it as combining the intimacy and personality of radio with the freedom and choice of digital streaming.


How will Primordial Radio make money?

Primordial Radio will generate revenue from membership, merchandise, events, competitions, sponsorship and advertising.


How Do I Invest?

Through the crowd equity funding website Seedrs.


What do I get for my investment?

  • First and foremost you get A class shares in your own radio station.  Each A class share has equal voting rights and privileges.
  • You  receive SEIS tax relief on 50% of your investment.  For example, if you invested £1000 in Primordial Radio you would receive tax relief on £500.  Get full details here
  • You get 50% off a two year membership.   You will not be asked for payment in the first year of this deal.  At the start of year 2 you will be asked to pay an annual fee of £60 or monthly fee of £5.99.   You will have the opportunity to opt out of the offer before the paid period. Membership gives you first, full, and unfettered access to all Primordial Radio programmes, podcasts, platforms, products, and events.
  • You get 15% discount on all merchandise and events (except the Primordial Radio Pub Quiz)
  • Plus, every share purchased is entered into a draw to pick the first song played at the official launch of Primordial Radio.


How do I get a return on my investment?

Rightfully if you choose to support our venture you need to know how you will see a return.   There are two options:  (NB – In both circumstances share value will be determined at that time by an independent valuation of FT Industries) 

  • Right of First Refusal

    Primordial Radio’s initial intention is to create a sustainable and scalable model for the UK rock and metal audience as per our financial forecast.  When that model has been stress tested the plan is to apply the philosophy to other niche genres (jazz, blues, country, etc…) and expand into different territories with the long term goal of creating the overarching brand Primordial Music.  At this point a second raise will be required where first round investors have the option to sell their holding before any new shares are created.
  • Buy Back

    When Primordial Radio is in a suitably profitable position first round investors will have the opportunity to sell their holding back to FT Industries.


What happens if Primordial Radio doesn’t hit its funding target?

Primordial Radio will receive no money if it does not hit 100% of its target and investors will receive a full refund.


Phew, that hurt my brain.   Happy now Mark?

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