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Primordial Radio – July Tech Update

Published / Wed 10 Jul 2019

A few 01110111 01101111 01110010 01100100 01110011 from Mark Bentley

These updates have not been as regular as I had hoped for, need more fibre in my tech updates.

Anyway here goes.

  • Update Part 1, Alexa:

We are now officially on the first of those listening devices. Primordial Radio is now available in the skill store.

To get the full stream you need to link your Amazon and Primordial account in the Alexa app.

You just get the stream at the moment but I will be working on adding now playing and podcasts in the future.

Unfortunately SONOS doesn’t support this type of skill yet so no SONOS love for the moment.

There is a Alexa Skill how to  here if you get stuck

  • Update Part 2, Tickets:

In between explaining our membership model to Amazon I have been building a new ticketing system for the store.

From a buying a perspective there won’t be much difference but it will allow us to send tickets out sooner and keep tickets available closer to the event.

Big Bang 3 is the first real test so please bare with us if it goes to crap.

  • Update Part 3, What is next?:

Providing I don’t get a last minute email from anyone I will be going back to the Android app.

Bluetooth interaction needs to be completed and the introduction of Google Assistant. I now have some posh Bluetooth headphones so can test properly.

Look out for more information in the next exciting installment of tech updates.

As always any questions or problems please contact [email protected]

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