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Published / Tue 28 Aug 2018

So much of what we do is more than just being a radio station that plays awesome music. The way in which our real life radio community (#PRfam) has developed this past year has been incredible and that’s down to YOU.

#PRFam - Primordial Radio Community

This picture was taken shortly after Michael Murray tragically lost his wife Gill to Cancer, shortly after which Jamie, Steph, Matt and Sarah popped by just to check in and do what they could to support –  this is who we are.

Yes, the runnings of the station and the business of Primordial Radio are very important and we’ll always do everything we can to ensure that continues to go well. But it’s not the end of year spreadsheet at the AGM that defines us, it’s the people, the community, you and for that we couldn’t be more grateful, keep on being awesome

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