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Primordial Radio Podcast – Episode 41 – The Primordial AMA

Published / Thu 26 Oct 2017

There haven’t been many drastic developments tech-wise over the last few days, meaning that if this was just a standard podcast it would be very similar to last week. To try and avoid sounding like a broken record, Moose & Dews asked the #prfam for questions.

Contained herein are questions and answers ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. You want to know the 5-year business plan or whether more shares will be available? Cool. You want to know which cartoon characters Dewsbury fancies, or what tactic you should adopt when faced with an angry Moose? That’s covered too.

*ALSO FEATURING* Several soap-box moments, many insults, and the full behind-the-scenes story of why Dews continually hates on ‘Empire Of The Clouds’…

**Editor’s note** This is my favourite Primordial podcast to date. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it /Dews

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