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Primordial Radio Podcast – Episode 72 – The Doughnut Hole

Published / Thu 31 May 2018

This week Moose and Dews ponder upon the meaning of life, the bleakness of absurdity, and what it would take to become the OFFICIAL ground cumin of the British Olympic Team.

They also talk about the Primordial Radio flags and how they didn’t order enough of them, the latest membership update, and have some GREAT news about the Primordial Android app!

The main bulk of the conversation this week is about the upcoming Download festival, and the pointlessness of doing the same thing they’ve always done, in order to get the same content they’ve always got, with exactly the same results they’ve always come away with. It’s time to try something different, except they’re not sure what that is yet. Answers on a postcard…?

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