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Primordial Radio Podcast – Episode 76 – The Only Constant

Published / Thu 28 Jun 2018

This week in the podcast, Moose is pulling out of a mental funk; a strange blue mood that seemed to settle over the last couple of weeks. This leads to cod-philosophy between he and Dews, which is about as useful as you’d imagine.

There’s also the latest membership update, including plans to grow Primordial, a discussion on swearing and the difference between regular censorship and self-censorship, and the guys discuss a suggestion for some kind of ‘love songs’ feature in which they both reveal themselves to be immature, sniggering idiots. You knew that already though, right?

Eventually they get on to the main subject for today, that being the changes that Primordial Radio has undergone, and the changes it has caused in both Moose & Dews. It’s nowhere near as serious as it sounds.

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