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Primordial Radio Podcast – Episode 90 – “It’s In Your Hands” is now live

Published / Thu 27 Sep 2018

It’s crunch-time yet again for Primordial Radio, as we’re coming up on a year since launch, when the vast majority of our investors took their free year of membership. The number of people who choose to remain as members of Primordial Radio will decide what happens next.

Before they get to that though, Moose and Dews reflect on the Big Bang 2, and look forward to our Birthday Beers in Brum on Oct 6th, and A Very Primordial Halloween in Newcastle on Nov 3rd. We also discover exactly how Moose’s stand-up career ended. SPOILER: Not well.

Then comes the ever-present membership update, where things are looking good. There’s numbers galore, and a detailed discussion on conversion rates! But don’t let that put you off. Then comes the slow, dawning realisation – particularly for Dewsbury – that once again, it’s time to fly or die.

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