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Primordial Radio Subscriber ? We’re changing to Direct Debit !

Published / Tue 25 Sep 2018

Are you currently a subscriber and intending to continue your subscriptions into the netherend of infinity? You are, jolly good, well you need to cancel your Worldpay agreement and set up a direct debit

At the back of the stage, our man on the keyboards, Mr Mark Bentley (rapturous applause) wrote some instructions explaining how to switch

“We have had a number of testers switching from world pay to direct debit  and I’m happy it is working as intended.

Basic unstructions are:

For existing subscriptions only and if they want to change, no pressure,  no rush.


This page provides world pay agreement ID and a link to a guide to  cancel world pay.

They can then click on the switch button, fill out bank details and all  is good.

Feel free to write something better than this and to share with the world.

As always any questions/problems go to [email protected]

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