Primordial Radio – The Long Road to Brewin’

Published in Gigs & Events, Station Updates, on Monday, April 3rd, 2017

After years of being told reasons why they can’t do it, the Primordial Radio guys are striking out on their own and setting off on The Long Road To Brewin’ ; a UK-wide road trip with the aim of meeting and hanging out with as many people as possible, having a beer, and finding out what YOU want from your Primordial Radio.

#LRTB kicked off pretty much where it left off; in Islington, just down the road from where the guys used to “work”. From there, it headed off around the country before ending up with the finale in Manchester, at the spiritual home of Moose & Dews; The Salisbury

Day 1 – and the Primordial Radio Long Road to Brewin’ tour starts in London

Day 2- The Long Road to Brewin’, Day TWO – Moose, Dewsbury, and Pete Bailey reach Norwich, Andover, and Southampton… somehow!

Day 3 – Day Three of the Long Road to Brewin’…. The booze is taking it’s toll….

Day 4 – Dewsbury, Pete, and Moose hit Nottingham, Birmingham, and Aberdeen… hard!

Day 5 – Dewsbury goes home to Leeds (via Dewsbury), Moose reaches Glasgow, and Pete arrives home in Wrexham

Day 6 – End of the Road for the Long Road to Brewin’ Tour

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