The Big Bang is back for its 6th iteration at Ogri MCC.

Bands will be added to the back of the design.



(a note from the designer)

Having spoken about the ideas for the design, it was decided that we would include three characters to represent Primordial Radio (The Squid), Ogri MCC (The Mascot) and myself (The Marzipan Camel) all gathered around the bonfire. These three represent friendship and collaboration as well as the togetherness mentioned before.

It was also decided to include a tug of war to represent the activities that will be included at this year’s Big Bang,  there are three people on each side to make up 6 for Big Bang 6 as well. The idea is that in pulling so hard on each side of the rope they have created their own big bang, lighting the fire with the explosion.

Finally, I also added a small knot at the bottom of the design, this was to tie into the tug-of-war element but also in keeping with the theme of togetherness. The knot itself is a reef knot, a knot used to tie two different pieces of rope together, one rope for Primordial the other for Ogri MCC.