We are proud to have partnered up with Cannonball Coffee Co. a UK Armed Forces veteran-owned business to bring the UK’s strongest coffee to Primordial.

With Cannonball Coffee you rock harder, mosh longer and for when we are not at a gig or festival work harder,  lift heavier and run like Forrest Gump.

Check out owner Duncan’s story

Now you can make delicious high caffeine coffee in just two easy steps

1. Put a brew bag in a cup
2. Add hot water

That’s it. No mess, no fuss, no-nonsense.

Medium roast Indian Robusta and Brazilian Arabica beans. High in caffeine, but smooth & mellow tasting.

Contains over 150mg of caffeine per serving!

They come in handy individual sachets so you can take them anywhere. You will never need to settle for instant coffee again.



We will be putting in an order with Cannonball once a week so you get the freshest coffee and it’s not sat in Blunty Seniors garage.

All orders will be sent to Duncan on a Sunday and dispatched to you on a Tuesday/Wednesday depending on how much coffee or gin Blunty Senior has consumed.

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Box of 10 (individually wrapped), 2 x boxes of 10 (individually wrapped), 40 (2 pouches of 20 Naked Bags), 80 (4 pouches of 20 Naked Bags)