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Promoting Primordial Raddio – no flyers – just business cards – grown up and socially responsible !

Published / Tue 28 Aug 2018

We’ve said from the beginning that we would be nowhere without you. That statement is just as true, if not more so today.

A lot of people have asked about ways they can help spread the word and in particular, would like to hand out flyers. We’ve veered away from flyering because as you’ll see most weekends and at festivals, they end up on the floor or in the bin.

Instead, we’ve recommended using business cards as they’re easier to keep a hold of and hopefully won’t add to the litter problem.

primordial eg1 template1 primordial eg1 template2

So here is an EG1 template you can download and use, all you have to do is add your own code to the template and aaaawwwwaaaaayyyy you go!

It’s incredible how far we’ve all come in this last year and there’s so many things we’re looking forward to in the coming months but we hope this can spread the word of our amazing cult, COMMUNITY, COMMUNITY.

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