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This week our heroes talk through a whole bunch of subjects, including theĀ current membership update, with particular attention on the rate of attrition. This leads to some humbling words from Dews.

Then they look ahead to the possibilities for next few months, including the Boxing Day merch sale, Burns night, Primordial tartan and The Long Road To Brewin’ 2019!

Finally this week, there’s a precursor to the Cards Against Humanity special podcast coming next week. The guys tried to record this last year; and attempt that led to the only cross words Moose and Dews have exchanged in 10 years. The lost audio has resurfaced and is contained herein. Ouch.

<Content Warning … the first 16 minutes contains discussion of suicide. If you are in a bad place you may want to fast forward. It is an important discussion but could be upsetting for some. Take care of yourselves.>