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Return of the Plague..cast

Published / Sat 2 May 2020

Dr. Porridge's Plaguecast podcast image

Photo: Dr Porridge PlagueCast  /  Credit: Artist credit for Tom Brown.

Episode Six is available now

Dr. Porridge's Plaguecast podcast image

Dr. Cornelius Porridge is an egg-enigma covered liberally with the sausage of mystery, glazed in the egg of absurdity and dipped into the breadcrumbs of the macabre.
Part time-travelling scotch egg, part-badger, part steampunk stand-up.
Catchup with Dr Porridige and his continuing quest……

Caution advised: The following broadcast may not be suitable for those possessed of a nervous disposition, or indeed good taste.

Dr. Cornelius Porridge is an enigma. Part time-traveller, part-badger, part steampunk stand-up.
In these troubled times he has kindly agreed to keep us updated daily on the plague situation in his native Lincolnshire.
This plaguecast is the collection of those daily dispatches. Kind of like an Eastenders omnibus, only with more innuendo.

If you’d like to find out more about the individual known as Dr Cornelius Porridge – you can check him out on Facebook

Credit to Tom Brown for the artwork

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