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ROYAL REPUBLIC: LoveCop Exclusive Radio Special

Published / Thu 6 Jun 2024

ROYAL REPUBLIC: LoveCop Exclusive Radio Special

Photo: ROYAL REPUBLIC: LoveCop Exclusive Radio Special  /  Credit: @rennemark

Royal Republic guitarist Hannes Irengård, is set to host a special one-hour radio show to celebrate the release of the band’s new album, “LoveCop” due for release on June 7th via Odyssey Music.

In this exclusive broadcast, Irengård discusses the process of creating “LoveCop” — how the band approaches their music, and what creating an album means in the age of streaming. Irengård also gets into the Royal Republic fashion, synergy with other bands, festival performances, and the possibility of writing a book in the future.

Listen To The Royal Republic Radio Special

To hear the exclusive radio special, tune into on Saturday 8th June – 11am (BST). The broadcast will also be available to listen to on-demand shortly after the broadcast.

Royal Republic’s ‘LoveCop’: Defying Rock ‘n Roll Conventions

Since 2007, the Swedish power-disco quartet has been defying all rock ‘n roll conventions. The band consists of Adam Grahn on vocals, Hannes Irengård on guitar, Jonas Almén on bass, and Per Andreasson on drums. Their journey began with the release of their debut album “We Are The Royal” in 2010, which introduced the world to their popular single ‘Tommy Gun’. Over the years, they have continued to evolve their sound with albums like “Save The Nation” and “Club Majesty”.

Adam Grahn and Michael Ilbert collaborated to produce LoveCop, the band’s fifth studio album, at the iconic Hansa Studios in Berlin. This album showcases the band’s audacious, fearless, and exceptional style. Additionally, the band recently gave a sneak peek of the upcoming album by releasing ‘My House’, a gritty, guitar-driven, funk-infused energetic anthem. The band proudly declares that this track is “the ultimate weapon to combat lackluster parties.”

Speaking about the new single ‘Ain’t Got Time’ the band state:

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We made this rock ‘n’ roll banger to really stress everyone out over the fact that there’s just not enough hours in a day to really get anything done. But you gotta spend time to make time, and you gotta make time to make love. So make some time for You, pour yourself a drink and crank this shit up loud!

Renowned for their electrifying live performances, Royal Republic is set to take the stage at this year’s Download Festival on Sunday, June 16th. Audiences can expect to be captivated once again by their irresistible blend of sass, riffs, and humor.

Royal Republic’s unbridled passion for music is infectious, promising a thrilling musical journey with “LoveCop” that will both melt your hearts and ignite your speakers.

Described as a sweaty one-night stand between Metallica and Michael Bolton, “LoveCop” is here to liberate you and lay down the law.

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– 16/06 – Download Festival, UK

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