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RUSSKAJA Interview with Engel Mayr – “Our next album will be heavier than the last 3 albums!”

Published / Wed 2 Feb 2022

Austrian Turbopolka outfit RUSSKAJA

Photo: Austrian Turbopolka outfit RUSSKAJA

Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter Engel Mayr of RUSSKAJA recently spoke to Dewsbury as part of the Primordial Up-Vote 100. Watch the full interview below.

As the seven-headed band took over stages all around the world, RUSSKAJA mastered the exhausting way to the top and became an indispensable trademark for diversity! RUSSKAJA’s upbeat, powerful and amusing songs swing between countries, languages and cultures.

Staying true to their cosmopolitan Austro-Soviet roots, the Austrian Ska-Legends deliver their so called “Turbopolka” – high speed, groovy Polka Ska meshed with distorted guitars and raspy Russian-German-English blended vocals that leave even the most sluggish crowds dancing along to their rhythm!

Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter Engel Mayr says:

To me it’s the pure RUSSKAJA Energia combining fat riffs and Russian Ska with balkan brass and violin thunder, topped by some lovely vocal hooklines. Check out the video for maximum party feeling. This one will kick your ass!”

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