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Seedrs 2 – The Video starring ….

Published / Thu 11 Apr 2019

Seedrs 2 Video image

Photo: Seedrs 2 – video

Gonna make you famous….maybe

Seedrs 2 Video image

As you know, for our upcoming second round of Seedrs investment, we (well, Video John) are producing another emotion-stirring video. As part of this, we would like some involvement from our audience, i.e YOU !

Ten Second Testimonials

Sending Video John out to see people with his camera would mean that we only had Northerners in our video. He apparently has something called a “day job” which takes up quite a bit of his time. Plus he has travel restrictions as part of his probation. Instead, we’d like to involve PRFam from all over the UK. We’d be eternally grateful if you could record a ten-second video testimonial on your phone, in which you answer the question “What does Primordial mean to me?”

We will then (hopefully) be incorporating some of these into our Seedrs video.

Here are a few pointers…

  • Please use the main camera (not the selfie one) on your phone as they tend to be better quality.
  • Please use landscape NOT PORTRAIT or Dewsbury will find out where you live and put a brick through your window.
  • Please use a tripod or have someone else hold the camera to try and avoid the shakes.
  • Videos no longer than 10 secs please. We’d like to use as many as possible as part of the final edit.
  • We can’t guarantee your video will be used, but we’ll try.

Please send videos to [email protected] ASAP.

Cut-off is Fri 19th April

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