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Send Us Your Promo

We all find ourselves in an unprecedented situation, this will affect our friends, families, loved ones and job securities. We all need to support each other through this very difficult time. With that mind, we want to support artists, labels and all parts of the music industry as much as we possibly can and are offering you the chance to submit your promo, free of charge.

These promos will run across our audio channels. Below is the form for submitting your promo and an example / guidance of how your promo should sound.

Please note as these promos will be used for broadcast:

  • Please record any audio on a high-quality microphone
  • Try to avoid using a phone
  • Keep the promo to a maximum of 60 seconds long

Keep your hearts open and your hands clean.
The Primordial Radio Team

Example Promo


Hi! Andy 'Primordial' Power here. I just need to check that you are not a Robot trying to clog up our inbox. However much we enjoy the offer of foreign millions and penis enlargement we have our personal email for that. To confirm you are human please just tick this box, Thanks.