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Can you make a difference ? Small Change Episode 2

Published / Mon 2 Dec 2019

Little changes we can all make

Moose and The Blowfish return to chat about small changes that can make a big difference in our new Small Change Podcast
In each episode, Moose and the world’s ONLY heavy metal marine biologist talk about small changes that we can all make to our lives that can make a big difference to the environment.

In the second installment of Small Change :

  • discussion onĀ  law and order on their newly-discovered planet; Dave.
  • if bags-for-life are an indicator, Moose is going to live to the age of 1200.
  • and conversation drifts across many environment-related topics, and some non-environment-related ones as well.

For a short time, the Small Change podcasts are available to everyone – so no excuse not to listen and maybe help make some of those small changes……..

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