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Small Change can make a big difference

Published / Wed 27 Nov 2019

Small Change Podcast Launch

The latest podcast from Primordial Radio started out as an on-air feature between Moose and The Blowfish that has rapidly became more than just a 5-minute chat.

In each episode of Small Change, Moose and Tom “The Blowfish” Hird talk about small changes that we can all make to our lives that can make a big difference to the environment.

As expected though, the conversation covers many environment-related topics, and some non-environment-related ones as well.

In this week’s episode :

  • Starting from Scratch – you have.a new planet…
  • Bill Gates and Solar Panels
  • How to have a more eco friendly Christmas

Here is a little teaser for you

The Small Change Podcast is available via the Primordial Radio app and appearing on the website soon

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