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Small Change – Episode 6

Published / Mon 9 Mar 2020

Little Changes = Big Difference

The next episode of Primordial Radio’s Enivrometal podcast Small Change is now available!

This week the guys cover :

  • The latest from Planet Dave – who doesn’t have their own planet?,
  • The latest environmental news, including climate change denial,
  • Heathrow runway 3,
  • The one small change we can all make.

What is Small Change ?

Moose and the world’s ONLY heavy metal marine biologist, Tom “The BlowFish” Hird talk about the small changes that we can all make to our lives that can make a big difference to the environment. As expected though, the conversation drifts across many environment-related topics, and some non-environment-related ones as well.

Members of Primordial Radio can listen to all the Small Change podcasts here or on the Primordial Radio app.

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