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Small Change in the New Year

Published / Mon 20 Jan 2020

Little changes we can all make

The latest podcast from Primordial Radio started out as an on-air feature between Moose and The Blowfish that rapidly became more than just a 5-minute chat.

The idea is that in each episode of the podcast, Moose and the Blowfish talk about small changes that we can all make to our lives AND that can make a big difference to the environment.
As expected though, the conversation drifts across many environment-related topics, and some non-environment-related ones as well.

This week the guys cover :

  • Staking their claim to TOI 700 (a newly-discovered Earth-like exoplanet) and rebrand Planet Dave.
  • Discuss planetary policies and this week they tackle the energy policy.
  • There’s also Blowfish’s view on the Australian wildfires, and
  • the one small change we can make to our life that will make a big impact.

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