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Studio 11 is open

Published / Fri 12 Jun 2020

A warm Primordial Radio welcome to Miss Rach !

miss Rach in Studio 11 at Primordial Radio

Studio 11 is now occupied so with no further ado – over to Miss Rach !

I remember I was in a car park outside work when I got the call about Rock Radio. I’d never wanted something more in my life! And man, did it live up to the expectation.
But here’s what surprised me… it wasn’t just about the music. Or the bits in between the songs. Or the gigs.
It was the people. The family.
We were the ginger step child. In it together. We rallied and fought the machine. We chased our dream and never stopped believin’.
Along that journey, life happened.
Houses, kids, jobs.
And in the blink of an eye four years have passed.
It’s both a privilege and bewildering I’m still able to work in radio. I must have saved a fortune on red hair dye and eye liner, waiting for the planets to align. The silent participant. Until now…
Primordial fam- it’s been a long time coming …..

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