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Published / Thu 28 May 2020

A warm Primordial Radio welcome to Phill Thorne !

Phill Thorne in Studio 12 at Primordial Radio

Studio 12 is now occupied so with no further ado – over to Phill !

Greetings, I am Phill and it would appear I am now Primordial! And that makes me so damn happy!

Have been fortunate enough to work with Moose before, four weeks in a <modular cabinesque structure> enduring the mother of all thunderstorms and heatwaves that would strip the paint of Gene Simmons’s face! But it was an experience and the music and the main man himself is how I found Primordial. And I’m so glad I did!

My tastes, Status Quo to Skindred with some Slayer and Scarecrow (of the Evil variety) thrown into the cauldron. Been pottering around local radio for a few years, did a rock show for a while and once interviewed Chris Slade of ACDC. Have no discernible talent to play an instrument, the aforementioned Mr Slade once told me I couldn’t even play air drums properly…..

Been on a few quiz shows on the telly, I might make reference to this occasionally as its all I’ve got! I’ve got no idea what the show is gonna consist of, gonna see where my size twelves end up!

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