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Support TedRock’s No Swearing Campaign for the British Heart Foundation

Published / Wed 22 Dec 2021

Primordial Radio Presenter - TedRock

Photo: Primordial Radio Presenter – TedRock

Primordial Radio presenter TED ROCK was recently told he had a bit of a potty mouth… Shock. Horror! So in an effort to curb his foul-mouthed swears, Ted is putting his money where his mouth is and raising money for the British Heart Foundation.

Commenting on the campaign, TedRock says:

I have a potty mouth. So, I want to clean my act up for Xmas and do some good in the world! I’m raising money in aid of the British Heart Foundation and every donation will help. Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause – you are f*ckin’ awesome!

The campaign incredibly has already raised over £2000 and you can donate to the cause below:

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