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Synthesizing Sounds: The Rise of Calva Louise

Published / Tue 2 Apr 2024

The Rise of Calva Louise: Harnessing the Underground

Photo: The Rise of Calva Louise: Harnessing the Underground  /  Credit: Calva Louise

In the realm of metal, it is rare for a band to both distinguish itself and resonate with a wide range of listeners. Calva Louise, a trio based in London, defies this norm. Through their innovative combination of industrial electronic nuances and metalcore, the band goes beyond creating mere music; they construct an extraordinary journey that transcends the confines of genre.

Origins and Influences

Comprising of Jess Allanic, Alizon Taho, and Ben Parker, Calva Louise is a band that embraces the essence of absurdity and humour in their musical journey. Their band name, inspired by Ionesco’s play “The Bald Soprano,” reflects their inclination to blend meaningful narratives with their creative pursuits, establishing a profound connection with their fans.

Hailing from three different countries, the members’ diverse backgrounds contribute to their unique sound. Jess, originally from Venezuela, moved to France at 16, where she met Alizon. The duo later moved to London, where they joined forces with Ben. Their influences are as eclectic as their backgrounds, drawing inspiration from bands like Nine Inch Nails, Queens Of the Stone Age, System of a Down, Muse, Calle 13, Noir Désir, and Carpenter Brut.

Primordial General Mayhem

Primordial Radio is hugely excited to announce that the unique and ever-evolving London 2-piece BOB VYLAN is set to headline the main event of the Primordial General Mayhem on Saturday 27th April 2024, with four-piece, loud, unapologetic, rock outfit from Nottingham, AS DECEMBER FALLS confirmed as main support.

Also confirmed for the Saturday event is BLACKGOLD, SAINT AGNES, CALVA LOUISE and NORTH ATLAS with the opening band to be decided by the listeners of Primordial Radio.

Primordial General Mayhem 2024 - Saturday Line-Up

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– The Primordial General Mayhem 2024
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Discography and Creative Process

After releasing their debut album, Rhinoceros, their second LP, Euphoric and their latest EP, Over The Threshold, Calva Louise’s discography demonstrates their commitment to exploring new sounds and themes, as seen in their latest single, “Feast Is Over,” which explores concepts of resilience and renewal.

Speaking about their latest single, the band said to Gigantic:

“Feast Is Over” talks about when the circumstances push us back to square one and we often think that the best thing to do is to start over. But when we choose to go forward, fighting and assuming the consequences of our own decisions, it feels like accepting a new challenge to get out of a loop once and for all.

Calva Louise’s hands-on approach to their music is further emphasized in the creation of the music video for “Feast Is Over.” Drawing parallels to acting in a sci-fi film, the band emphasizes their active involvement in all aspects of production, from shooting to editing. This DIY mindset not only highlights their diverse talents but also underscores their steadfast dedication to realizing their artistic vision without compromise.

Looking Ahead

Having recently signed to Mascot Records, with new music confirmed to be coming soon, the excitement surrounding the band’s exploration of new sonic and storytelling territories continues to mount. Alongside their highly anticipated performance at the Primordial General Mayhem 2024 and appearances at festivals in the UK, Spain, and France, they have recently unveiled plans for a tour in the US with Vukovi.

Their progressive mindset not only positions them as contributors to the metalcore genre, but also as pioneers who are reshaping the conventions of a genre that yearns for rejuvenation.

The essence of Calva Louise’s narrative lies in their unwavering commitment to artistic expression, celebration of cultural diversity, and relentless pursuit of musical excellence. This firmly establishes them as a prominent force to be reckoned with in the years to come, solidifying their influential role as innovators and trendsetters within the metal scene in 2024.

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