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Tech Gremlins

Published / Tue 9 Jun 2020

Tuesday 9th June 2020 08:47

it appears there’s some tech gremlins this morning. we’ve unleashed the hounds and they’re on it

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09:15 – Update

Despite Moose’s instructions please don’t reinstall on mass. We have found that the iOS app is a little too chatty. Have pushed an update to Apple, will update when it is available.

10:01 – Update
Further to the last message we have had to disable the new features temporarily.

17:25 – iOS Update
A new version for iOS should be available now or later this evening depending on how quickly it goes to the store. Please install it. This update should help with some of the general issues we’ve had this week. It will be version 3.1.1
Thanks for your patience with this.

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