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Thank you for attending the Virtual AGM

Published / Thu 28 May 2020

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A big thank you to all of Primordial Radio shareholders and members who attended the virtual AGM
Not quite how it was originally planned, but definitely more eco friendly with no-one travelling ! (Editor’s note – got to look for the positives)

270 folks joined us online for a pretty typical AGM format, but conducted in a Primordial Radio style

  • Finances were covered by Neil Cossey
  • Enviro-Metal Strategy 2020 by Blowfish
  • Tech Update from Mark Bentley
  • Look Ahead from Moose
  • Q&A covered by The Team

We’ve come a long way over the last couple of years, and despite the challenges that have been thrown at everyone this year, Primordial is still moving in the right direction.
Who knows where we will be next year ? Primordial Radio hopes you will be coming along for the ride, it’s gonna be wild !

If you missed it, members of Primordial Radio can access the recording here (available for 30 days only)

If you are new to Primordial Radio and wondering how it all started – here is the CEO’s story – from the first Primordial Radio Podcast

CEO Quote : “Irrespective of circumstance or time Primordial Radio’s belief is to be kind and courageously optimistic and to always be honest and accountable to our community. We must be mindful those who gave us opportunity can also take it away and it is paramount we treat them with the respect they deserve.”

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