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The Bar Stool Preachers: Navigating Adversity Through Music

Published / Tue 9 Apr 2024

The Bar Stool Preachers: Navigating Adversity Through Music

Photo: The Bar Stool Preachers: Navigating Adversity Through Music  /  Credit: The Bar Stool Preachers

The Bar Stool Preachers, are a band known for their forthright and insightful approach to both music and societal commentary.

Their most recent album “Above the Static” skillfully balances personal experiences with broader societal reflections, grounded in the band’s dedication to truthfulness and meaningful conversations. Speaking with Louder Than War, frontman, Tom McFaull recently opened up about “Above the Static” and more on the band.

Bar Stool Preachers Speak on Above The Static

It’s really about the noise of interference and distortion that makes it hard to hear your own voice in your head. It’s hard to find a place where there’s enough stillness and silence within your own mind for you to think, even if that is as straightforward as deciding whether to heat your house or feed your kids. It’s also very difficult for a band of our size and stature to be heard above the static of the pointless drivel that the music business churns out. We’re lucky to be working with Ted Hutt, who is Dropkick Murphys’ and Flogging Molly’s producer among others, and he encouraged us to take risks and to be sure of what we were trying to do with the album and we felt that Above the Static was the title that stayed true to what we wanted it to be.

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Primordial General Mayhem 2024 - Friday Line-Up

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Chanelling The Energy of Independent Venues

The production of “Above the Static” stands as a testament to the authenticity and determination found within the UK’s independent music venues. Amidst lockdown restrictions, the album came to life at The Waterloo in Blackpool, a venue esteemed by the band for its exceptional team, led by Fletch, and its unique offering of on-site accommodation for bands.

What began as a planned two-week retreat morphed into a dynamic and energized recording marathon that stretched into the early hours. This period was not just about laying down tracks; it was an immersive experience that breathed life into the venue. Amplifiers were strategically placed throughout the space, and upstairs writing rooms became the nucleus for refining vocals and synthesizing song components.

By fully immersing themselves in the process the way legendary bands like Led Zeppelin used to, The Bar Stool Preachers experienced the recording process as a living, evolving process. This approach allowed them to meticulously refine and perfect their songs, sometimes resulting in laughter over the previous night’s recordings and, at times, wishing certain excesses had been avoided… We’ve all been there!

Music in Times of Adversity

In an era increasingly defined by its challenges, the significance of music as both a catalyst for transformation and a haven of comfort is strikingly evident. Through their profound insights and lived experiences, The Bar Stool Preachers highlight the remarkable influence music wields over individuals and societies in periods of turmoil.

The band’s narrative frequently underscores music’s dual function as a restorative force and an avenue for escape for both creators and listeners. Echoing this sentiment, Tom McFaull states:

Music has helped me and probably saved my life at times. There’s a great quote: “Darkness has beauty and within beauty there’s light.” We know things are going to get worse and that’s a great catalyst for art. Wherever you are living, be that under Thatcher or during Covid, it’s always going to feel hard and that’s because it is hard, but the music created will be there forever. For musicians, regarding accessibility, there’s never been a better time, as you can put a song out on Soundcloud and people can hear it all over the world, but it’s very hard to make a living out of it. In the UK, this Tory government has gone on too long and there has not been enough funding for arts and culture. We know that without those things, society gets worse and there has never been a more important time for music to keep society rolling.

Despite being in a golden age of digital accessibility, where thousands of tracks are at one’s fingertips, the reality of making a sustainable living from music remains challenging. The band critiques the UK government’s inadequate support for the cultural sector, highlighting the underappreciation and undervaluation of this vital industry.

Personal narratives of economic and societal struggle, including the poignant reality of a generation unlikely to achieve homeownership, fuel a determined artistic drive rather than discouragement. This resolve is encapsulated in the sentiment, “Some of the biggest changes in the world have been made by people with nothing to lose.”

Additionally, the band criticizes mainstream music for its lack of meaningful social engagement, advocating for a reinvigoration of music that conveys significant messages beyond mere entertainment. This stance calls for a shift towards art and music that is both impactful and reflective of deeper societal discourse.

The Barstool Preachers are set to play at the Primordial General Mayhem on Friday 26th April and we can’t wait to give the guys a huge PRfam welcome!

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