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The FAMily Album EP29 – Vivien Miles

Published / Wed 29 Jul 2020

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featuring Vivien Miles

Episode 29 of The FAMily Album podcast is now live featuring PRFam member Viv Miles chatting with Dewsbury about snagging the good workspace while working from home, lockdown in central London, tattoos, honeymoon destinations, and one of her favourite albums; Gojira’s 2016 classic-in-waiting “Magma.”
Almost compulsory trailer….

What is the FAMily Album Podcast ?

We occasionally play an album in full here at Primordial Radio, but every now & then we’ll hand the album choice over to YOU and get you on-air to have a chat about it. This podcast is the recording over those chat, minus the music.

*The full podcast is available exclusively for Primordial Radio members via the website or via the Primordial app.

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