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The Lost In Porridge Plaguecast: Season 2 Premiere!

Published / Sat 17 Apr 2021

It’s back !

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Hello once again dear listener, and welcome back to this, our journey through the looking glass, round the bend, and down the toilet that is the Lost In Porridge Plaguecast, brought to you by Primordial Radio. We’re now into season 2, which rather begs the question “why?” to which we inevitably respond “why not?”

Formed from the daily episodes of the most riveting, edge-of-your-seat broadcasting since Hollyoaks Later, this plaguecast is a collection of this weeks adventures in outrageous fibbing.

Our intrepid guide is none other than Dr Cornelius Porridge; part gentleman adventurer, part steampunk stand up, part-time used furniture salesman.
At the end of season 1, we left our heroes – who having been molested by a many-tentacled elder god following a series of ridiculous adventures – on a planet with the acolytes of some kind of cult, known as the Followers of Kleist. With an injured crewmember currently on ice, Porridge and his cybernetic badger accomplice Colon were running out of time to find the last known Van Kleist in existence. Join us now, as their adventures continue… sadly.

The Plaguecast – WTF ?
Formed from the daily despatches of one Dr. Porridge, this plaguecast is a collection, an omnibus of this weeks adventures. Like Eastenders only with slightly less cockneys and higher production values

Our intrepid guide is none other than Dr Cornelius Porridge,part gentleman adventurer, part steampunk stand up, and part dimension-straddling sausage roll. A man known throughout history as “that bloke in the pub who drank all the rum while talking bollocks”

PPPPSSSSSTTTTTT – Want to help save the world without planting trees ? Walk this way…..

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