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The Seaword returns with added Dewsbury

Published in The Sea Word Podcast with The Blowfish, on Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

Episode 20 is now available

The world’s only heavy metal marine biologist – The Blowfish – is back with another episode of The Sea Word Podcast.

Last time round he looked at the weird and wonderful duck-billed platypus. In this episode he talks to an equally weird, but slightly less wonderful creature; Dewsbury.

The Blowfish gets to the bottom of a range of topics including :

  • What the environment and wildlife means to Dewsbury
  • Experiences growing up in a semi-rural area,
  • How sheep are mobile chicanes,
  • and the worst bit of Lord Of The Rings.

There is also a discussion on an alternative safari that sounds much better than the usual kind, if a bit more murdery.

Here is a little teaser for you

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