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There now follows an appeal from Dewsbury

Published / Fri 18 Jun 2021

Can you do Dews a favour ?

I have a favour to ask of the PRFam at Download please.
We’re not planning on doing any shows at all from the festival. Too many unknowns, and too many variables. Is there a media area? Can we find a power outlet to charge things? Will there be decent internet or will it be hamster-powered?
And on, and on the list goes….

However we’d love to be able to share the festival experience with those who can’t be there – including me!
What I’d like you to do is record voice-notes on your phone, and send them to me please. Any time Fri/Sat/Sun is cool. You can email them to me on [email protected] any time.

To make them easy to email, I’d ask that your notes aren’t longer than 50-60 seconds. If you could start each one by introducing yourself, that would be great e.g. “Hi it’s Hackett at the Download Pilot, and my trousers appear to be aflame…”

I’d really like to help convey the feel of being there to those of us that aren’t. What’s the atmosphere like? Are emotions running high at FINALLY being back in the field? What’s the arena like? The weather? What’s it like camping in the arena? Have you seen a man with an empty crate of beer on his head yet? A person in a bin? What bands have you seen? Stuff like that.

Don’t forget that the Download Pilot is a celebration, but it’s also a test to check the spread of Covid-19. The important thing is that the pilot could help ensure the rest of the summer 2021 festivals can actually happen, and help safeguard the future of live music for everyone, including the people who aren’t there this weekend.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. HAVE AN ACE WEEKEND!

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