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The Primordial Radio Call of Duty Tournament

War, huh, yeah – What is it good for? Ahhh….

in this case, cash !

How does this CoD competition work ?

  • Competition is for the 12th of December
  • 3 rounds of free for all, no kill streaks
  • Then people will be spilt depending on score from the 3 divisions, you will then be 1 on 1 until one is left standing (To quote Optimus Prime “One shall stand, One shall fall”)
  • Each division with the winner taking 1/3 of the prize fund (£40 quid last time!)
  • Discord will be used for comms

Entry is £10 with £5 to the CoD Prize Fund and £5 to Primordial Radio

So if you fancy a quick frag, or maybe a sneaky flank or a full on wallbang – get yourself signed up soldier !
Tickets on sale in the Merch Store