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Tom Morello Shares Rock Hall Speech Amid RATM Split

Published / Fri 5 Jan 2024

Tom Morello Shares Rock Hall Speech Amid RATM Split

Photo: Tom Morello Shares Rock Hall Speech Amid RATM Split.TomMorellojpg  /  Credit: ABC / Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame

Despite the recent unsettling news that Rage Against The Machine will no longer tour or perform live, Tom Morello, the band’s renowned guitarist, has not made any direct comments on the matter. However, following drummer Brad Wilk’s announcement of this decision, Morello took to social media to share a poignant message.

Morello’s Hall Tribute

In his post, Morello presented his entire speech from the previous year’s Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, where Rage Against The Machine was honored by Ice-T. Although his fellow band members, Brad Wilk, Zack de la Rocha, and Tim Commerford, were absent, Morello accepted the award on behalf of the entire group.

The speech, accompanied by a caption quoting his mother Mary Morello – “History, like music, is not something that ‘happens’. It’s something you make” – offers insights into the band’s internal dynamics. Morello acknowledges their differing viewpoints but emphasizes the shared commitment to the band’s music and mission.

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In the video, Morello reflects on the transformative power of music, crediting Rage Against The Machine’s fans for demonstrating how music can indeed change the world. He shares stories of fans from diverse professions, including organizers, activists, public defenders, and teachers, as well as the presidents of Chile and Finland, who have all been inspired by the band’s music. Morello notes the unique ability of protest music to challenge existing power structures and suggests the potential for music to introduce a new perspective on life.

Concluding his speech, Morello poses a rhetorical question about music’s ability to enact change, emphasizing its potential to either revolutionize the world or, at the very least, cause significant disruption.

Earlier this week, Brad Wilk, the drummer for Rage Against The Machine (RATM), issued a statement regarding the band’s future plans, or rather, the absence thereof. His message, addressing the anticipation surrounding the rescheduling of previously cancelled RATM shows, was candid and direct.

Brad’s announcement stated: “I know a lot of people are waiting for us to announce new tour dates for all the cancelled RATM shows. I don’t want to string people or myself along further. So while there has been some communication that this may be happening in the future… I want to let you know that RATM (Tim, Zack, Tom and I) will not be touring or playing live again. I’m sorry for those of you who have been waiting for this to happen. I really wish it was…”

In this communication, Brad expressed his reluctance to continue fostering false hope among fans and himself regarding the band’s return to touring and live performances. He acknowledged that there had been some discussions about a potential reunion in the future, but clarified that, as things stand, the band members, including Tim Commerford, Zack de la Rocha, Tom Morello, and himself, have decided not to tour or perform live again. Brad concluded his note by expressing regret for any disappointment this decision may cause to the band’s eager fans.

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Tom Morello Shares Rock Hall Speech Amid RATM Split

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