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Treat ‘Em Like Children

Published / Thu 4 May 2017

As I’ve traipsed through this life I’ve come to the conclusion the most effective way to get best from others is to treat them like children. Being a child is one thing we share and those basic emotions and needs remain in us regardless of age. We are born with the capacity to love and a natural curiosity and it’s only along the way we are taught hate and prejudice. I’m convinced if we spent more effort focused on the inner child our outcomes would change for the better.

What if those around you valued and respected your opinion and took the time to understand your motivations and supported your ideas and dreams with enthusiasm and encouragement? What if those who inspire you lifted you up instead of pushing you down.
What if people weren’t afraid to admit they were wrong and if they had experience on their side shared their wisdom so you could benefit? What if people in authority were honest, fair, firm and consistent with you? What if when you fell they offered you help and guidance in lieu of guilt and shame? How would you respond and react to that treatment? How would others react if you treated them the same way?

This all seems very preachy and self-helpy coming from such an utterly imperfect child but I’ve never encountered a situation that couldn’t be improved with kindness and understanding and if we just showed more of those two qualities the responses in our lives would improve.

I’m certainly not arrogant enough to speak for all but if you want the best from me, do me a favour, and treat me like a child.

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