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Twisted Sister Considers Reunion Amid Rise In Big Offers

Published / Wed 10 Apr 2024

Twisted Sister Considers Reunion Amid Rise In Big Offers

Photo: Twisted Sister Considers Reunion Amid Rise In Big Offers  /  Credit: Alfred Nitsch

Twisted Sister wrapped up their farewell tour in late 2016, marking what many thought was the end of their touring days. Yet, according to frontman Dee Snider in a recent conversation with The Hook Rocks! Podcast, the band is reconsidering their stance due to significant offers that have come their way.

Twisted Sister Rethinks Reunion

During a one-off performance in 2023 for Twisted Sister’s induction into the Metal Hall of Fame, Snider was clear about the band only reuniting for special occasions. However, the landscape seems to be changing, with Snider explaining that it’s difficult to turn down the big offers coming their way…

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The singer said (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET):

“As a result of all the bands retiring and dying, the offers get bigger and bigger for the holdouts to come back. And we retired in 2016, I think it was. So we’re on eight years now of not playing, with no intention of coming back. But — my father, he says, ‘Everything before the word ‘but’ is bullshit — but at some point, you’ve gotta say, ‘Well, how can I say no to that?'”

He continued: “Is it there yet? No. Is it getting close? Yeah. Is there talk amongst us, like, ‘Well, in the event that the numbers do get there, and they sure as hell seem to be going in that direction, how are we gonna do this?’ So there’s a little bit of that conversation. And that’s both physically how we’re gonna do it and on a number of other levels. And that’s a recent occurrence, that the conversation has gone from ‘never’ to ‘in the event that they make as an offer we can’t refuse, what’s the plan?’ And there’s some very general discussion on that, involving personal trainers [laughs], diets, hair extensions. And that’s the first time in eight years that the conversation has changed.”

Central to Snider’s reflections about a possible reunion is the unity and friendship among the band members. He emphasized their strong relationship, stating

“We’re all friends, by the way. The surviving guys, we all talk and we’re all friends and we love each other. And that was one of the great things that came out of getting back together the first time is that we managed to fix the friendships and be friends and that, to me, is really why I wanted to do it in the first place, getting back [together] last time… So, anyway, we’ll see what happens.”

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Twisted Sister Considers Reunion Amid Rise In Big Offers

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Twisted Sister Considers Reunion Amid Rise In Big Offers

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