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Volumes Interview (Michael Barr)

Published / Tue 30 Nov 2021

Volumes Interview

Photo: Volumes Interview

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VOLUMES vocalist Michael Barr recently spoke to Pete Bailey on his Primordial Presents show. In the interview, they spoke about Micahel’s recent encounter and recovery from Covid-19, re-joining the band in 2020 and taking some pretty big risks on their new album Happier?

Los Angeles quartet VOLUMES— Myke Terry [vocals], Michael Barr [vocals], Raad Soudani [bass], and Nick Ursich [drums] — strike a balance between twisted melodies and bone-shattering grooves. Selling out countless shows, posting up over 60 million total streams, and receiving widespread acclaim and support. The band moves forward with a clear vision on their fourth full-length offering, Happier?

VOLUMES entered the scene with 2010’s The Concept of Dreaming EP, gaining momentum with Via [2011] and No Sleep [2014] before serving up Different Animals in 2017. The latter boasted the fan favourite “Feels Good,” which racked up over 10.9 million Spotify streams. Following the Coming Clean EP, Volumes delivered a one-two punch with “holywater” and “Pixelate” during the 2020 COIVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

VOLUMES new album Happier? is out now via Fearless Records.

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