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Welcome to If It Was My Band with Radio & Plugger extraordinaire Emma Scott

Published / Tue 1 May 2018

Titled after her incredible book, this podcast with Emma Scott is a simple, fun guide, filled with information on all aspects of the music business.

It is the compass and map that every aspiring successful musician should have, to help them reach their destination: making music their full-time job.

Not a member ? Well, here is the “sales pitch”….
Primordial Radio is a premium rock & metal entertainment service; owned, shaped & driven by the community it serves.
The UK rock and metal community is underestimated, undervalued, and marginalized by mainstream media. We’ve seen and been part of the “this is what we think you want/think we can make money out of, so this is what you’re getting” attitude. Fuck that and fuck you if you think that’s acceptable. The UK rock and metal community deserve better than to be a non-priority, an afterthought of a larger company obsessed with the bottom line. This thinking is our compass that leads us down our path.
Primordial Radio is driven, shaped, and OWNED by the community it serves.
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